You are more than Enough

Have you ever done something for someone you cared about and they received it negatively or with complaints? Yeah, me too I have given gifts or made things and I would feel terrible because the person I did those things for wasn’t appreciative of it or they received it negatively. I just came to realize on my own; You do not have to please any or everyone. If you do things for people you care about because you want to see them happy or lessen the weight on their shoulders You already did more than enough. You are not meant to do things for anyone just because. Everyone is going through things no one may know about and every kind gesture can help improve someone’s day. I just recently left a relationship that I felt like everything I did was never good enough to the point I started doubting myself. But I still kept sight of the goals I wanted to achieve as well as doing things that made me happy, such as spending time with family and friends and playing video games. When you realize your worth your outlook on everything changes dramatically. Since realizing I am more than enough I have joined the Student Newspaper at my college, made major life decisions am set to graduate, and get my degree in the following year. All that and more is because I had it in me all along it just took some time and a few obstacles to get to where I needed to be. It is so satisfying to accomplish things you always wanted to achieve it’s very rewarding and it uplifts you. Just don’t give up no matter what the obstacles are and always remember you are more than enough.

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