For Peace

Sometimes it’s hard to remove people from your life who have been there for a long time. I recently cut ties with someone who I considered a close friend and I didn’t feel any remorse or regret. The reason that I felt nothing was because the past few months that person was acting in a way that was foreign to me. Not the person who I knew as a friend but someone who came off as they did not like to hear me succeed. Comments were made not in support but as jabs to what I worked hard for and strived to achieve. The saying “You are the company you keep” I try to be surrounded by people who will uplift, inspire,and encourage me and I was not sensing that with the “friend”. I realized that I shared so much about myself, my setbacks and goals and when I thought about how I really did not know much at all about theirs it really did strike a chord in me. What made it worse was I believe the person really did want to embarrass me or try to humiliate me because as I think back a good friend would not do the things that she did. Without divulging too much information what I can say is that things I said to this person in confidence they decided to inform a complete stranger that they did not know for all but an hour. What’s worse was it was done in front of my face and not only that but the word eager is clearly an understatement. For it to be done in front of my face to a stranger I could not help but think what else was said about me and to who? To remove someone from your life who has been in your life for over a decade some people would say it’s not the easiest to do, other would say it’s like ripping off a band-aid it hurts a bit but after sometime it gets better. For me my trust was broken and My Peace that I have been working so hard to keep and maintain was then at jeopardy if I continued to have someone who did not have good intentions in my life. I did speak about my feelings and instead of an apology which did come after I was given excuses, or in their mind justifications as to why they felt comfortable and more than willing to divulge my personal business. It was a very awkward situation for the recipient of the information because they in fact did not know me well and this was our first time hanging out as new friends. Whether I just met someone or knew them for over a decade once I lose trust in someone it is impossible for them to receive that level of trust again. It’s better to just remove them from my life and continue to move on. This is not a post to bash someone I once used to be friends with just me sharing my experience that we all have one point in our lives have went through.

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  1. Tonia ( Maverick_girl2000) Avatar
    Tonia ( Maverick_girl2000)

    I just went through something similar!! I needed this!! Thank you for writing this!!


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